A High Value Education at an Affordable Price

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John Carroll University graduates provide solutions to the world’s biggest problems and transform with technology and trends. Our students are prepared for their first job and ready to evolve into their best jobs throughout careers that require leadership, technical skills, people skills, a broad knowledge base, and the ability to think critically.

For some, a JCU education may feel out of reach due to price. But are families really paying our published cost? Dive into our cost structure to understand how a life-changing education from John Carroll University delivers incredible value at an affordable cost.

On average, families pay $21,100 for an education that prepares you for the future.


This is the average out-of-pocket cost for tuition, fees, and room and board. Families may pay more or less depending on financial circumstances.

How do I get to my price?

To answer that, let’s first talk about two things:

Published Cost
Actual Cost
Published Cost

JCU’s 2021-2022 published cost is $58,390. While it may appear to be out of your budget, the actual cost many of our students pay is much lower.

2021-2022 published cost includes

  • Tuition - $43,740

  • Fees - $1,774

  • Room and Board - $12,876

Actual Cost

How do we get to your actual cost? We subtract scholarships, grants, and loans from our published cost.

  • Merit Scholarships

    First, we subtract scholarships— up to $27,000 (based on merit). 100% of admitted students receive a merit scholarship based on their hard work and success achieved in high school. The average merit scholarship for admitted students last year was $22,300.
    This is FREE money you don’t pay back.

  • Additional Scholarships and Grants

    Next, we subtract various other scholarships and grants based on financial need, as determined by the FAFSA. The average JCU grant last year was $6,370. This is FREE money you don’t pay back.

  • Federal and State Grants

    Then, we subtract federal and state grants for students who have filed the FAFSA and who qualify. The average federal and state grant last year was $3,120. This is also FREE money you don't pay back.

  • Loans

    Finally, we subtract your student loans—if you choose to borrow—up to $5,500.

Sticker Price


Additional Scholarships
and Grants


Actual Cost

Sticker Price


Additional Scholarships
and Grants

Federal and State Grants


Actual Cost

What we’re left with is your actual cost. It is the amount left over after scholarships, institutional awards, grants and student loans have been applied.

Average Financial
Aid Award

The average JCU award, inclusive of scholarships, grants, federal and/or state assistance is $31,790. This does not include loans.

Do I need to pay all at once?

No, additional financing opportunities including PLUS loans and a payment plan are also available to students and families wishing to explore them.

How much loan debt should I expect?

The media often shares stories of graduates with six-figure college debt. But of the students at John Carroll who borrow, average student loan debt after four years is $25,738. This compares to overall national student loan debt of $29,927.

How do I measure my return on investment?

Good news! John Carroll graduates are in demand and very successful. The value of a degree from JCU is reflected in our 45,000+ alumni who lead businesses and embrace their careers as thoughtful and productive professionals.

The value of your John Carroll Degree grows with your career.

Earnings after 20 years

John Carroll graduates earning power consistently outpaces peer institutions in Ohio.

John Carroll

$ 486,000

School A

$ 477,000

School B

$ 440,000

School C

$ 364,000

Source: Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce

Loan Repayment Rates

JCU graduates are able to repay their loans.

Loan Repayment Rates
  • John Carroll - 97.9%

  • Private Colleges and Universities: 94.8%

  • Public Colleges and Universities: 93%

  • All Universities: 92.7%

Build your Story at JCU

Access to internships, experiential learning, and research opportunities will make your resume stand out. John Carroll’s location in Northeast Ohio and proximity to the city of Cleveland provides you with access to formative experiences throughout the academic year, not just in the summer.

9 out of 10 of JCU seniors have completed two or more high-impact experiences versus 68% of seniors at other Ohio institutions. 

Tell your Story at JCU

Robust professional development programs and courses impact 100% of John Carroll students. Knowing how to effectively network, present yourself, and speak about your skills and experiences is how you move from your first job to your best job .. quicker.

Become your Story at JCU


92% of graduates are employed full-time, involved in an educational program, or involved in a service program one year after graduating.


84% of undergraduate alumni are satisfied or extremely satisfied with what they are doing after graduation.

Our rankings speak for themselves.


in the 2022 U.S. News & World Report Best College ranking, among Regional Universities in the Midwest

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in the 2022 U.S. News & World Report Best Undergraduate Teaching ranking, among Regional Universities in the Midwest.

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in the 2022 U.S. News & World Report Best Value category, among Regional Universities in the Midwest.

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John Carroll has students from all economic backgrounds.

Student 1

Family Income

Less than $75,000

Average Award


Average Residential Student Cost


Student 2

Family Income


Average Award


Average Residential Student Cost


Student 3

Family Income

$125,000 and above

Average Award


Average Residential Student Cost